HTTPS Everywhere

Once in a while you come across an addon so useful and apt that it should have been baked right into Firefox itself. The HTTPS Everywhere addon fits this bill.

We all know how insecure our wifi networks are and how vulnerable our online transactions can be. There is one easy way to ramp up the security level of all our online surfing: HTTPS. A lot of websites support HTTPS, but do not turn it on by default for your session.

The HTTPS Everywhere addon hopes to turn the tide in favour of HTTPS for all websites and all users. Just install this addon and it will try to use HTTPS on all websites that support it automatically. You do not need to do anything! For example, if you type in, HTTPS Everywhere will automatically switch this to using, the secure version of Google.

IMO this addon is a must-have for everyone who uses Firefox. In fact, Firefox should either bake this feature into their browser or ship Firefox with this addon included and turned on by default.

Tried with: HTTPS Everywhere 1.2.2 and Firefox 10.0.1

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