How to SSH to your Raspbmc from Windows

SSH into Raspbmc

You have installed Raspbmc on your Raspberry Pi, converting it into a cool little HTPC. (Here is how to do that.) The Pi is running Linux after all and it is connected to the home network. Now, you want to SSH into it to explore its internals. That is easy.

PuTTY can be used to SSH

  1. In your Raspbmc, navigate to System → System info → Summary. Take note of the IP address (for example: that has been assigned to your Raspbmc.
  2. Ping your Raspbmc to make sure it is reachable from the computer you want to SSH from. For example: ping If the ping does not work, check the settings of your wireless router.
  3. Use PuTTY and SSH to your Raspbmc using its IP address and port 22.
  4. At the login prompt presented by your Raspbmc use the username pi and password raspberry.

Bingo! You are inside your Raspbmc now. Have fun playing around with it :-)

Tried with: Raspbmc RC3

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  1. […] The root account is disabled by default on Raspbmc. To enable it, SSH into your Raspbmc (see this post on how) and follow the directions here to get root access. FTP into your Raspbmc using root account […]

  2. […] This is quite a hassle if you control your Raspbmc using your cellphone or browser or use FTP or SSH with it, since the IP address keeps changing. Due to these reasons, it is better to assign a static […]

  3. […] sure you can ping the Windows computer from the Raspbmc. You can do this by SSH to Raspbmc (here is how) and pinging the IP address of the Windows […]

  4. Cool. The only thing I’d recommend is changing the default password to something else. For internal use, you don’t REALLY need to change the password, but personally, I lean more towards the side of being paranoid ;)

    1. Mike: Yes, changing default password is always a good idea :-)

  5. I have a raspbmc running connected to a powered usb hard drive where my media sits.
    I’m currently downloading media to my laptop, unplugging the hard drive from the pi, connecting the hard drive to my laptop and then transferring the media onto the hard drive. Then connecting the hard drive to the pi again. I’m not happy with this set up so I was going to by a NAS.
    However, instead of this, can I just download the media to my laptop and then scp it from there up to the hard drive connected to the Pi. If I putty to the pi, surely I can navigate to /root/media/USB/ (or something like that) and then scp the media to there?
    Any thoughts? Thanks a lot.

    1. Charlie: Yes, that should work. I do something similar. My media files are on my notebook, which is connected to the home wifi router and I share those files using SMB to the Pi:

  6. […] So we’ll increase the cache memory size that the xbmc uses when streaming over a network using PuTTY. […]

  7. […] SSH into Raspbmc as user pi. This is possible because XBMC is stuck in a loop, not the underlying Raspbmc Linux OS. […]

  8. […] powered on the Raspberry Pi. After login into the Pi using SSH, I could see that Pi had detected and mounted the harddisk by using the command df. I noted down […]

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