How to access Windows shared folder from Raspbmc

Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc is an awesome HTPC. If you have videos, music or photos on one of your home Windows computers, then it might be convenient to access or view the media right from your Raspbmc over the home network. The easiest way to do this is to share the media files in a Windows shared folder and access that from Raspbmc using SMB. I am assuming that the Windows computer and Raspbmc are connected to the same wireless router or the same home network.

First setup the Windows computer:

  1. Your Raspbmc will access your Windows computer using its IP address. So, it might be convenient to configure a static IP address for the Windows computer. In any case, note down the IP address of the Windows computer.
  2. Create a folder and make sure the folder name has no spaces in it. Drop all the media files you want to share into this folder. Make it a shared folder. Add Everyone as a user who has read access to this folder.

Next setup the Raspbmc to access the shared folder:

  1. Make sure you can ping the Windows computer from the Raspbmc. You can do this by SSH to Raspbmc (here is how) and pinging the IP address of the Windows computer.
  2. Assuming you want to access the video files in the shared folders. In XBMC, go to Videos > Files > Add videos > Browse > Add network location.
  3. In the Add network location dialog, choose Protocol as Windows network (SMB). For Server name enter the IP address of the Windows computer. For Shared folder enter the name of the shared folder on the Windows computer. Fill the Username and Password fields with the credentials of a user on your Windows computer. Press OK.
  4. The Windows computer shared folder now appears in the listing, choose OK. Press OK in the next dialog. Now the shared folder is visible in the Files listing and you should be able to browse through the media files inside it and play them whenever needed.

Have fun playing the content from your Windows computer on your Raspbmc :-)

Tried with: Windows 7 (64-bit) and Raspbmc RC4

16 thoughts on “How to access Windows shared folder from Raspbmc

  1. Hi – thanks for the info – I can’t get this to work though. I know my IP (as xbmc on my desktop pc shows me it), but I think the names or password bit is tripping me up. The folder is caused ‘DVD Library’ – is that all I enter? Or do I need to use \ / : etc?

    Also, it’s still asking me for a password even though I have added ‘everyone’.

    Any ideas? Thanks

  2. @richard. i’ve just done this with a NAS box and it works better than going through the selected menu. in your case the space in the share name is probably causing your problem. unshare, rename the folder without a space, share again. the username / password will be your windows one.
    hope this helps.

  3. Hi, i did all to access Windows shared folder from Raspbmc as you described above. I had access to my folders on WIN7 but no media files were schown up.
    But there are .mp4 or .avi or DVD.vob files. I tested it also on my WIN XP PC. Same effect: folders can be seen but no files.
    What is wrong? What should I check?
    Thanks in advance.

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  5. Thx! this works like a charm! Just a little remark on step 2 for Windows Computer: You don’t need to add “Everyone” as a user. It would be sufficient if you simply add your home network as a user with read access. Its safer this way I believe.

  6. im having similar issues, im not able to connect to my shared folder. Im able to see the computer’s name in the homegroup but once it asks me for username and password of the windows computer it will not log in. is there any settings i need to modify on raspbmc or is there a way i can remove user login/pass from my windows computer so it wont ask me for log in again. it seems like it doesnt even try to check for credentials every time i input the user name and password. i dont think i have a network problem since im able to ping my raspberry from windows computer. raspberry is using a n gear network wireless adapter and is connected to the network,

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