FTPServer app for Android

The FTPServer app by Andreas Liebig can be used to run a FTP server on your Android or CyanogenMod device. Install it from the Google Play Store.

Before you do anything, open the app and go to its Settings. Here set the username, password and port. Also, set the default directory on the device that you want the server to present to FTP clients. Make sure you carefully configure the Allowed connections section carefully to restrict access only from within certain networks, like your home wireless network for example. Once configuration is done, choose Save and restart service.

When you want to connect to the device over FTP, run the FTPServer app and choose Start FTP service. Done! :-)

Tried with: FTPServer 2.2.1 and CyanogenMod 10-20121228-NIGHTLY-encore

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  1. […] your Ubuntu computer has wireless, I highly recommend using FTP over wireless. It is convenient (no wires!), offers good transfer speed and the entire `/sdcard’ contents […]

  2. I’ve done as instructed. however, when I try to connect from my PC using an FTP client, I get ‘connection refused’ on the ip address in the app.. I assumed that my FTP client had the Host set to the ip address in the app, the Port to the Port in the app, the User to the User in the app, the Password to the Password in the app, and the folder to /sdcard (not sure if I should use /SD Card)

    1. John: See if you can ping the IP address and start investigating from there.

  3. Pings OK. I’m still baffled. FTP Server listens OK but gftp (under Ubuntu 12.04) says “not connected to remote site”.

  4. Same situation like JRose has described… using ubuntu 10.04.

  5. Awesome tutorial. Worked for me.

  6. hiya, using mint 16 with cinnamon. how do I work out which port to use? also, do I need to set anything up on the mint side?

    1. Eben: The plan is to run a FTP server on the phone. Choose any port number that is larger than 1023. Later, on your Mint computer connect to the phone by providing the IP, port number and login details to a FTP client. For example, you could use Filezilla on the Mint.

  7. Okay, when I try to set the port on FTPServer my moto g (kitkat 4.42) I get:

    ‘Invalid port. Choose an integer number for the port >1023′

    but what I entered was an integer: 21
    also, should I use my mint login for user or moto g device name? If mint login, should I use my mint login password?

    1. Eben: Choose a port number that is larger than 1023. For example, you could choose 9000.

  8. sorry, didn’t realize that was a ‘greater than’ sign. I I stumbled upon a larger port no. anyway and got it working.

  9. i am able to setup the ftp server and access the device through Filezilla. But if i transferred some music files to Moto G it doesn’t recognize eventhough i am able to see the file when i access it through storage. What should i do to make Kit Kat recognize the files

    1. Kan: What do you mean by recognize the files? Did you try to play the files? What format are they? MP3?

  10. sorry for the late response. When i move a mp3 file to the downloads folder of moto g, i am not able to view the file, which i moved to the downloads folder, from the phone. The music player is also not recognizing the mp3 file. But through the storage, in the settings i am able to see the file in the phone.

    1. Kan: I do not know what could be causing this strange error. Maybe you should try playing the MP3 with a different player.

  11. […] could use FTP to transfer files over wireless. Or use the slow MTP or PTP to transfer files by connecting Moto G to a […]

  12. […] Conheci enquanto procurava algo que acessasse os arquivos do meu celular. Foi através desse blog: (http://choorucode.com/2012/12/29/ftpserver-app-for-android/) Confesso que quebrei cabeça e não consegui acessar os arquivos. rs Quando eu conseguir acesso, […]

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