How to install CyanogenMod 10 to SD card on the Nook Color

Linux booting on the Nook Color

Linux booting on the Nook Color

The Nook Color is a 7-inch tablet that was created by Barnes and Noble. It runs a heavily customized version of old Android created by B&N. You cannot do pretty much anything in it other than read books bought from B&N. Thankfully, the Nook Color has a bootloader that is not locked and so it is easy to boot and load other operating systems on it. CyanogenMod has been ported to run on the Nook Color. This post shows you how to have CM10 running off a microSD card on your Nook Color. Your stock Nook OS remains safe and untouched!

CyanogenMod 10 booting up on the Nook Color

CyanogenMod 10 booting up on the Nook Color

CyanogenMod 10 is based on Android 4.1 JellyBean. At the time of this writing, there is no stable release of CM10 for the Nook Color. But, I found that the nightly releases work pretty well. Update: Stable releases of CM10.1 are now available for Nook Color from here. Please use that in the rest of this guide.

These are the steps I used to install CM10 on my Nook Color using a microSD card. This method is easy and safe to try and it leaves the original Nook installation as it is. You just need a microSD card of capacity 2GB or more. These steps are based on the detailed CM10 installation guide written by leapinlar.

CyanogenMod 10 running on the Nook Color

CyanogenMod 10 running on the Nook Color

  1. We need a Linux SD image to boot from and to install the CM 10 ROM. Download the image and unzip it to obtain a .img file.
  2. Create a bootable microSD disk image using the above .img file. This can be done easily on either Windows or Linux. Once it is done, remove the microSD card and then re-insert it back into the computer. It will be mounted.
  3. Download the latest CM 10 release for the Nook Color. Encore is the CyanogenMod codename for Nook Color.
  4. Without access to the Google Play Store to install apps, a CyanogenMod is pretty useless. To have the Play Store and other Google apps, download the GApps release for CM 10. Pick the gapps file that is meant for CM 10.0.x.
  5. Copy the CM 10 and gapps zip files to the microSD card. Do not unzip the files, just copy them directly. Eject the card from your computer.
  6. Ensure the Nook Color is charged to last at least 30 minutes. Power down the Nook Color. Insert the microSD card into the microSD slot of the Nook Color. The slot is on the back, inside the nook.
  7. Power on the Nook Color. The Linux image on the microSD will boot up, you will see the familiar Linux penguin image. Linux will install the CyanogenMod bootloader, CM10 and gapps from their zip files. After it is finished, it will power down the Nook Color.
  8. Now power up the Nook Color again and you will see the CyanogenMod bootloader, which will boot CM 10 from the microSD card. You will see the pulsing circle of CM 10 and should boot into CM 10 in a while.
  9. You now have CM 10 running on your Nook Color. Once you give Google your credentials, you will be able to install Android apps from the Play Store. Have fun! :-)

If you ever need to use the stock Nook OS, just power down the Nook Color, remove the microSD card and power on again. And when you want your CM10 back, just insert the microSD card back into the Nook Color.

Note: I no longer use a Nook Color, so I cannot update the post with recent information. For the latest releases to use with this installation method, please see the comments below shared by other users.

Tried with: Nook Color 8 GB, SD image generic-sdcard-v1.3-CM7-9-10-larger-Rev5, CyanogenMod 10-20121228-NIGHTLY-encore and GApps jb-20121011-signed

188 thoughts on “How to install CyanogenMod 10 to SD card on the Nook Color

  1. This is a gr8 post! followed it step, by step…I looked everywhere for a guide to get Cyanogenmod 10 on my nook color and ran into this in less than an hour i now have CM10 on my nook color great job :)

  2. It worked perfectly when I understood that “Power down the Nook Color.” means “switch off”!
    A big thank you for this post. Merci!

  3. Great guide. Very straightforward. The install worked for me, but I found CM10 very laggy. Applications were slow to launch and web browsing just sputtered along. I tried optimizing the settings, but it still fell short I’m going back to CM7 (stable) until the kinks are worked out a bit.

    1. stockton350stockton350: Yes, CM10 on Nook Color is too slow for browsing. I use it to read books and for Pocket. It is perfect for that :-)

  4. I’m intending to transform the old Nook Colour to a game-pad for my daughter, running on CM10, however, I end up with a keyboard that never works, thus, not able to connect to Google Play or anything, and I’ve tried with both the 10.1 and the 10.0 versions… Any idea?

      1. hey Ashwin, i have watch and done everything (i thought) on your posting “How to install CyanogenMod 10 to SD card on the Nook Color” goes all the way thru and after the Pulsing cirle it saids “unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped” what am i to do now. it just wont go off of it. any ideas? please help

        1. Evelyn: Try again with a different SD card. Also try downloading all the files again. Sometimes downloads can get a bit corrupted or can be incomplete.

  5. Hello, after following this tutorial the Nook did not boot into the SD card’s contents. However my Cyanogenmod 7 card works just fine.

    1. Never mind, sorry I was confused with the NOOK color vs. NOOK tablet. I have one last question, is there any real difference between the two?

      1. John: Tablet was released a year after Color. So, it has much better hardware. In any case, you will need a different CM10 for Tablet.

  6. Thanks for this, it worked on my real Nook Color! Although it is a little sluggish, is there anyway to improve speed? If not, what is the fastest Cyanogenmod version?


      1. Thanks for the quick response! I just found that changing the CPU governor setting had a deep impact on performance. So I have another question: do you use any specific settings to increase performance?

  7. Awesome, just freakin’ awesome!
    Bookmarked, and will share with anyone I know that has a Nook Color.
    Thanks a million!

  8. Thanks for the instructions. One thing…after I mounted the ‘generic-sdcard…’ image, there was only 257MB left on my 32GB card! Not enough to even place the mod or GApps. What did I do wrong?

    1. Nevermind! I didn’t read the instructions carefully – I unzipped the two files before transferring them to the NC. Have to transfer them in the zipped state!!

  9. i always get “Initial install files not found. Please put on first partition of this SD Card. The name should start with update-, cm, or diff_ and end with .zip”.

    i think i followed the instruction carefully, what am i missing?

    1. John DeVries: Thanks for that information. I had no idea that the SD card affected speed so much. I better use the fastest card for mine too :-)

      1. The SD card makes a huge difference. SD cards are optimized for dumping a single huge file – such as a photo or a video recording – in one lump, and the higher-class they are the better they are in THAT role. But that isn’t what running an OS involves, instead, your device will be writing a few bytes here, a 4K block or two there…

        From past discussions it seems that the critical factor for running an OS (in that it both is important and varies widely) is the small-block random write speed. And in that specific use, you may be lucky enough to already have a decent SD card – but if you’re going to go buy a card, don’t bother with anything other than SanDisk.,3011-12.html and look at both of the last two graphs, or there’s a much longer (albeit less scientifically rigorous) list at

        Running your OS off a slow SD card will not only make your device slow… it can also make your device crash a lot, perhaps even not boot. (Discussion at )

        Two of those three links are about booting a Nook Color off of an SD card; here’s one that’s about the Raspberry Pi instead: It says pretty much the same thing.

  10. after it it done with the linux installer and it shuts down, my nook color is stuck on a “loading” screen! help?

  11. Great post. I’m bookmarking this for reference. I’ve been running CM7 on my Nook Color for nearly two years now. Is it worth upgrading to CM10? What will the upgrade do to apps I’ve bought from Google Play? I’m particularly worried about Mantano Reader, where I’ve stored annotations, highlights and bookmarks on many books I’ve read. Thanks

    1. Alan: The best thing about the Nook Color is that its bootloader is unlocked. So, get another micro-SD card and try out CM10. If you don’t like it, just plug back your CM7 card.

  12. It worked, but the campus network doesn’t recognize the device, and thus I can’t use WiFi. For some reason, I can still download apps from the Play Store, but I can’t sign into any of the services (i.e I have the Dropbox app, but can’t log into my account)

    Guess I’ll have to wait for unrestricted wireless access. A pity, because it’s running much more smoothly than I expected.

    Great post, and well-explained!

  13. I followed your instructions and when I start up the nook, it just boots into the Nook, it never even looks like its trying to boot into the SD card. I have version 1.4.3, does this matter? I have tried multiple times with 2 different sd cards. Thanks in advance.

      1. Sorry about that, after many tries, and registering my nook, I received an email from b&n thanking me for choosing the nook TABLET. LOL…Its been so long since I last used this thing that I forgot it was the tablet and not the color. Thanks for the response though.

  14. m doing everything it say but when its loading on the nook it says the initial install files are not found. what is going on??

    1. Morgan: Try with a different SD card. Make sure the card is formatted again. And remember that you should just copy the zipped files. You should NOT unzip them.

    1. Jerry: Make sure you have a Nook Color, not Nook or Nook HD. If yes, it is really as easy as this. Can you state which step (from above) is not working for you?

  15. im not sure what im doing wrong .. can any one help me I sure don’t want to pay someone if its suppose to be this easy

  16. It is working great!!! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and finally got around to it. Your instructions were super easy to follow. Thanks!!!!

  17. To me this isnt really “installing” because I have to leave the SD card in and the files on it. I was looking for a more permanent solution where anytime the nook boots, sd card or no, it would be to CM10, any info on that?

  18. Hi Ashwin – i have a nook color. its been rooted and has a version of Android on it.. older one i guess. I wiped out my card and will be trying your method. Hopefully it will work on a rooted nook color or it does not? I have a class 10 card so speed should be great. CM10 has issues with overclocking so will wait for updates.
    For others you can get ROM Manager is a great app as well.

  19. It worked but performance is very bad. i think i need to get a later version … i am surprised even though i have a class 10 card. wifi connectivity is slow as well. can i pick a later gapps? and encore file?

  20. I followed it step by step but after turning it on the message “Unfortunately setup wizard has stopped.” How can i fix this?

  21. I have CM 10.1 on my nook now. it works fine. but I have had a problem with 2 separate sd cards: if I take them out and put them in an sd card reader they say there is only like 297 mb total on the card, where one was a 4 gb card and the other is a 16 gb card. Is this process doing something to the sd cards that causes the card to “get smaller’? I sure would like to use them for something else if I ever need to.

  22. well, I formatted the 4gb card while it was in my sd card adapter and it formatted it at 297 mb. I don’t know how to get it back to 4gb. My 16 gb card is still in my nook running CM10. earlier, I took it out, looked at the contents on my pc and it also said 297 mb. I didn’t format that one – I put it back in the nook and it still runs fine with cm10 on the nook.

    Any ideas on how to make the cards read full available capacity without formatting?

    btw, thanks for the quick reply.

    1. Okay, here’s what’s happening.

      When you install Android on an SD card, it partitions the card into several logical drives. Most of them use a file system that Windows does NOT understand, plus the Windows file system has a hard-coded assumption that an SD card has only one partition. So if you just ask Windows Explorer about it, it will show you just whichever one partition it recognizes as existing, which is usually the first one. And if you format from there, that partition gets formatted.

      If you go into (Win7 location) Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management, you can then see all the partitions on the SD card. Assuming you have Administrator permissions, you can delete all the partitions from the SD card, create a new partition covering the entire card, and format it (“fat32″ file system strongly recommended). then you’ll have the whole card back.

      Of course, after you do that, Android will no longer be installed on that SD card. Or anything else. Make copies of anything important FIRST.

      (Side note: in Android stuff you’ll see occasional references to /sd-ext. This does NOT refer to “external” and it’s fairly unusual for the location referenced to actually exist.)

  23. Ok I got to the 7th step then it turns off but when I turn it back on i don’t see the pulsing CM10 screen. Can you help me pease?

    1. Noelle: Make sure you are using a Nook Color. Try all the steps again. Do not unzip the files, only copy them. Try with a new or different SD card.

  24. I got to step 8th and have this …..Unfortunately, the process has stopped. I hit OK, then came this ……..Unfortunately, setup wizard has stopped. Please help. Thanks!

  25. Hey Ashwin,

    I just came across your procedure this morning. This is fantastic!

    I have been very frustrated over the last year that B&N has not done anything with their code on the NOOK color. Because of that, I have just used the NOOK only as a reader. A big waste.

    I am going to follow your procedure, however I am concerned that I will lose my downloaded books or will not be able to access them.

    Any suggestions to make the changes to the SD card but still able to use the NOOK as a reader accessing my my downloaded books?



    1. The Nook will still be functional. Turn it off and pop out the SD card. When you turn it on with the SD card out, it will boot as the Nook.

    2. Phil: As Mike mentioned, with this method your Nook OS and its files remain untouched. That is what is really cool about the unlocked bootloader, you can just boot from the SD card. Remove the SD card and your Nook OS and files are there just as you left them.

  26. okay my Nook works great when booting from the SD card, How can I make it permanent so I can use my SD card for additional storage

  27. When I boot into CM10, my wifi never turns on. It just sits at “Turning wi-fi on…” and never responds. Everything else seems fine, unless it needs internet access. If I take out the SD card, and boot into the stock Nook, it has no problem at all with the wifi. Is anyone else having this issue? (I’m using 10.1-20130525 from May 24th.)

  28. Folks,

    After several unsuccessful attempts, I found the Nook model number (BNTV250) that I have is a Nook Color “Tablet”. Where can I find the correct CM10 ROM for the tablet?



  29. Hey, when I go to the downloads page for CM, can I choose a different version, for instance, 7, then have the gapp apps for that CM7, or will the bootloader not work?

  30. Thank you for clear instruction!

    I cannot access Google Play store but found ways to download the apps thru Amazon Android app store. Google play apps was not installed even though downloaded the gapps onto sd card.

    1. Duke: Make sure you used the GApps version which matches the CM version you are installing. This mismatch is the most common reason why GApps installs, but does not work.

  31. Hi, I’ve tried this wonderful method using CM7 (I prefer a stable version…). The only one that works with my Nook Color is CM 7.1.0 (with other CM7 versions the touchscreen doesn’t work!).
    That seems very strange, but I cannot install gapps I’ve downloaded (for CM7, of course)! Is it possible?!? Or should I wait more than a couple of minutes?!?
    Moreover, with this version, bluetooth is not working…
    Should I try again with some nightly versions as CM10?

    1. Make sure it is for CM7.1.0. can’t get Bluetooth working with my CM10 on NookColor either. Not a big deal for me.

      1. Thank you Alex.
        I’ve re-made all the procedure using CM 7.2.0 (changing the name of the zip file into update-cm-7.2.0….zip) and gapps work now! I set my language too (italian)!
        Bluetooth is still not working, but I think I can live very well also without it! ;)

        Is there a method to go into the usual nook environment (where I have all my books) when I am in CM7 (not power off and take off the sd, of course, but directly from tablet mode)?
        Thank you, I’m so happy!!!

        1. Alessandra: You will need to reboot, but do not really need to remove the SD card. Here is what you can do:

          Reboot CyanogenMod. When the Nook Color is powering on after reboot, it displays the Cyanoboot universal bootloader. Press and hold the Nook button (N) when you see this. This will lead you to the bootloader menu. Here choose Internal eMMC Normal option and press the N button. This should boot your stock Nook OS.

    2. Alessandra: I’ve tried CM7.2 and it has worked fine on my Nook Color. Make sure you download the version of GApps that matches the CM version. This is the most common reason why GApps or the touchscreen or the keyboard won’t work.

      1. The problem was only with 7.1, while 7.2 works perfectly, gapps too!
        I’m so happy with my new tablet!!! ;)

  32. OK, I’m having a heck of a time getting this to work. I’ve followed all the steps and my Nook Color will not boot from the MicroSD card. It recognizes the card once the Nook has booted from the default OS. I’ve tried two types of MicroSD card readers as well as two types of microsd cards. My software version is 1.4.3. Just doesn’t seem to recognize the boot file. Any ideas?

    1. Todd: Stock Nook OS can read the card, but it won’t boot from it. This clearly means that your SD card is not bootable for some reason. Which OS are you using to write the disk image to SD card? Check again if you are doing this right. Maybe something is wrong there.

      I’ve done it on both Windows and Linux and it has worked for me:

      1. As I had trouble trying to(using that link) write CM10.1.2 using the terminal in Mint13, I had to write it in WIN7(no problem). However, I’m sure the error was mine-could you please give the exact command you used? I can the sub my sdb, etc. Thank you.

        1. Tony Simms: What problem did you have on Mint? As long as you see the SD card being mounted when you plug it in, the rest of the steps should work. Replace foo.img in my example with the .img file of CM and you are done :)

    2. Todd: Another thing to suspect is the downloaded image file. Sometimes downloads can get corrupted. It has happened to me. So, you may want to try downloading the file again. Also, go through the instructions carefully, be sure you are downloading the generic-sdcard-xyz file, unzipping it and writing that image file to SD card.

  33. Thank you Thank you. I have been trying to do this for 3 days now. All the download links I keep finding are broken and it was driving me insane. im now trying to find a way to restore my nook back to factory because the cm10 it has is not working. once i do that I will be following your instructions to get it back on!

  34. I install CM10.1.2 on my nook color an it works great. Once my warranty runs out I will load it to the emmc. From my nc

    1. Carloprerez: Contents of what? SD card? If you put the SD card into your computer you can see one of its partitions. The others might not be visible since they are formatted differently.

      1. Ashwin: the SD put on my Nook Color, running the cm-10.1.0-RC4-encore from the same SD, thanks for the help.

        1. Carlosperez: You want to access the files on the SD card from your Nook. To do that, open the File Manager app in CyanogenMod. You browse see the contents of your SD card using it.

  35. I used a 16 gb sdcard for this and it works great. Is there anyway to expand the sdcard partition that android uses so more files can be stored on the sdcard while running the Nook under android?

  36. Been using CM7 for over a year, and just put CM10.1.2 on another card. Works great. How can I transfer all my apps from CM7 card to the CM10 card?

  37. In CM7, all my apps were on one page,easily reached. In CM10.1.2, some apps on desktop, others have to be reached in \settings\displayhiddendrawer. And then, when I click on icon there, all I get is stats for that app; i.e., app doesn’t open. I’ve tried the “reset” in top rt corner of hidden drawer, and also placing checkmarks in the buttons; still not working. Please advise. Thank you.

  38. Thanks for all your help here. I’m having the same problem as Joe. I have gone through the process carefully twice, but it still loads to the standard Nook color os. The only odd thing I noticed along the way was after I sent the zip files to the sd card, I got an error message when I tried to eject saying the files were in use. I couldn’t figure out how that could be, so I had to pull the sd card out without getting the “safe to eject” message.

      1. Well I’m running out of ideas. I tried reformatting the partition using minitool partition wizard. I tried using the 64 bit version of winimage. Still having problems ejecting, and when I force eject and try it in the nook color, it boots to the standard Nook OS. I’m using Lexar micro SDHC 8GB Class 6 High-Speed Mobile Flash Memory Card LSDMI8GBBSBNAR . Is that ok?

  39. I have everything done right. It works great except that when I go to the app store or google play store and install apps like temple run it will say installing and then say installed. It is compatible with my device too. but when I go to the home screen and then go to apps I cant find it. I even went to downloads and nothing is to be found. please help

  40. sadily every Sandisk card i format only formats out to 256mb with the winimage this is two 8 gig and one 16 gig, i have had an easier time putting android 3.x.x on my older nook

    1. ok, after following the instructions, it only boots to the nook screen, does not see the card, when nook boots, it says corrupted file system, would you like to format…again it installs on my OLD nook fine not the nook color

      1. please delete this, i am an IDOT, i was trying to install it on the wrong device, i have 2 nooks, one nook color, and tablet, i am VERY sorry, thanks all, it installed like clockwork on the color, glad i am off xoom 3.x.x thanks a ton y’all

  41. Followed step by step seemed easy enough. Booted up to the card like it was supposed to but then it said setup has stopped and would not go any further. Took out SD card and Nook started up fine. Is there a way I can reformat the card because now my windows system does not see it at all. Just start fresh with another SD card or what? Thanks for any help.

  42. Thanks! This was almost easy for someone who’s only fiddled with the Nook Color to install CM7. My only problem was a loop saying “The Updated Isn’t Working” or something similar; I had the wrong version of the Google Apps zip file. Once I corrected that, things went pretty smoothly; you just have to be a little patient and give the Nook time to do its downloads and updates. I’ve seen complaints that CM10 is slower than CM7, and I can see that with my main app, iTalmud. However, to my delight and amazement, CM10 has enabled BlueTooth and paired with a device.

  43. Did everything step by step, goes to the cm10 loading screen, and then just dumps to normal Nook OS. Very Frustrating, have done it about 15 times now trying different builds, and nothing seems to take. Any suggestions?

  44. Won’t work. I’ve followed your directions to the letter, and it boots into CM10, and say’s loading… Then jumps, and just boots the normal Nook OS. Any suggestions?

  45. I was trying to copy cm onto my sd card but when it got past 70% complete there was an error message “parameter is incorrect.” I then tried 10.1.2 and got the same error message. What am I doing wrong?

  46. I’ve somehow solved my parameters problem and have loaded CM 10.1.3 onto my nook color. I’m in setup and it’s prompting me to register with Cyanogen and so when I try to go forward with registration it takes me to the wifi page. I enter my WEP password for my home network but it does not connect. the icon on the upper right shows a triangular beam that is black. What do I need to do to enable it?
    Thanks in advance.

  47. Thanks,but l tried this using cm10.2 2013 1011 and the latest gapps,well ,the program data loads and finishes then powers off it self just as you stated but when I power it on again it shows a cyber boot image but then loads it self to the nook color os again,please help me I am so eager to see it work.

        1. by the way I have even tried changing the memory card but it is still the same issue pliiiiiiiz help me ,or may be my nook color hard ware has weakened and I should try cm7 . Man Ashwin thanks but I need ur help

      1. Thank you. I think I’m following doing everything correctly but I’m still not getting Nook Boot. The first file is written unzipped, the second and third copied zipped. Perhaps the cm and gapp files supposed to have the same number at the end (ie, 20131014?).

        1. Mitchell Davis: No, the dates don’t need to match. Just make sure the cm and gapp files are meant for the CM version.

          Make sure you have a Nook Color and not one of the other Nook models created by B&N.

          Also, you can see from the comments above that people have reported that trying with a different SD card helped with the boot. This may have something to do with the class of the SD card. You may want to try with a new SD card, if you haven’t already.

  48. Hi
    Sorry new to all this can any body help with nook hd+,
    Some apps will display error message, “this device is not compatible with this app”
    Please ifbsomeone can assist.

  49. Hey thanks for the steps but I’m having problems with the SD card. It is a sandisk 2GB. I wrote the disk just like it said but when I’m trying to copy the CM10 and the GApps it said to format the disk if you want to use it. I’m stuck here right now. Please help!

  50. Thank you !!! Thank you!!! I spent all night trying this… But was stuck till I found your clear and simple tutorial….

  51. Questions:
    1. Does the SD Card have to remain in the Nook whenever one is using the “Boot-to-Android” bootup option, or can it be removed once the system had booted up? That may count as 2 questions, so here goes Question No. ….
    3. If i leave the SD chip inserted, and there is extra storage space on it, will the “Andro-Nook” be able to address the unused space for file storage? And now, question No …..
    4.Is there a way to store the alternate boot option on the 16GB internal storage area, or will that option totally remove the under-lying B&N Nook modified-Android operating system?

  52. I’ve been trying to follow the advice gleaned from THIS forum, as it appears to be the least confusing and most authoritative. So far no success.
    I’ve reached as far as creating the boot image on BOTH a 2GB AND an 8GN Sandisk micro SD; and I’ve copied over the zip files for the CM ROM and the Zapps.
    Inserted the microSD in the switched off Nook, and turned it on. It ALWAYS boots to the NOOK (I’m beginning to hate that inverted U now: I think it’s mocking me. lol.
    BUT… I intend to persevere: once I can get the assurance from someone who KNOWS. it is possible to do what I’m trying. It seems to me that the specific model Nook which I have is not mentioned anywhere. Has anyone succeeded in installing a version of Android/Cyanomod on a Barnes & Noble Nook Color Model BNTV250? That’s the 16GB model – the one I have.

  53. I have both, the Nook Color and Nook Tablet. This is by far the simplest method I have ever seen for rooting – and installing Jelly Bean OS on – the Nook Color. Do you know of a comparably simple method for the Nook Tablet?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Rick: The Nook Tablet also seems to be pretty well supported by CyanogenMod. You should be able to find a similar install guide for it on the CyanogenMod forums.

  54. So far, so good. I’m currently rooting my Nook Color, and everything seems to be going smoothly – I used a recommended Class 4 SanDisk microSD, and am now waiting for the process to complete itself. Just one question: because the process you described seems so easy and i rushed to get to it, I didn’t research how to partition the 32GB drive. Any tips?

  55. Never mind. I just checked my file directory and found that there are 4 partitions (“Files”): Main storage – 1.0GB; Media Card – 26.6GB; sdcard – 1.0GB; and System – not specified. So here’s question: what happened to the 8GB of storage the Nook Color ships with?

  56. Follow all the instructions and received the following messages when booting NOOK Color:

    Starting network…
    Detected Standard B&N nook layout, emmc first
    Error! Unexpected lack of boot partition on the SDCARD!
    Please report!
    Poweroff when ready

  57. please help, i’ve tried this but all i get to is Cyanoboot universal bootloader, but never the screen i’m supposed to (CyanogenMod) i would buy a premade card but i dont have the money….please help with all that you can

  58. I can’t seem to get my nookcolor to run on the stable cm10.2.1 encore.
    So after doing everything,
    writing generic-sdcard-v1.3-CM7-9-10-10.1-10.2-larger-Rev7 .img file
    copying the cm10.2.1 encore & gapps zip files to the boot drive.
    Poweron the nc again….
    I have gotten to the cyogenboot universal boot launcher. But my problem is that after, instead of getting the blue Cyogenmod circle loading screen that everyone get’s too. I’ve waited a full 5 minutes and still stuck on a blank black screen.
    [I have followed the instructions from xda developers word for word over and over again (..But at this point starting to think that my sd card, which is a genuine Sandisk 16gb class4 microsd card, has been corrupted beyond relief from repeatedly formating and rewriting the .img and copying the zip files to the card.)]
    Atleast it seems as I’m having the same issue as renmcc, who posted above…

    1. ccg2140: I’m afraid I don’t know what could be the problem. You could try the steps again with a new or different SD card and see if that works.

  59. Thanks for the great information! I just installed 10.2.1 ( from ) It didn’t work with It seemed to, but would not boot to Android after install. I had to download and use from for step ii above. Again, thanks for putting this page together.

  60. Easiest instructions ever, but I’m having a problem with step 8. The Cyanoboot screen shows, but then it all goes black for a few seconds and the device powers on as a regular old nook. Seems it isn’t reading the CM10 file. Any advice? I’m going to format the microSD and try it all again.

      1. Me too, just replaced CM7, with CM10.2. I get the CynoBoot screen and Loading… message, then black screen for awhile and it boots up into the Nook OS.

  61. ive used this method before and yesterdayi turned off my nook color and took the sd card out of it. i did that and put the same files on a different sd card. it wouldnt come come on so i put the other sdcard back in it still wouldnt come on (bricked) ive tried and tried since yesterday,please help

    1. Skier150: Pick the gapps version that matches your CM version. For example, if your CM is Ice Cream Sandwich, pick the latest among the files named gapps-ics.

  62. Thanks, but unfortunately there does not seem to be any kind of description on the GAPPS page that tells me what each file is for. However, I did find something from one of the links above that may help those of us who are clueless about most of this stuff.

    “CM9 needs gapps-ics… and CM10 needs gapps-jb-20121011… and CM10.1 needs gapps-jb-20130301 and CM10.2 needs gapps-jb-20130813 and CM7 needs a gapps-gb version.”

  63. Thanks, but unfortunately I was unable to find anything on the GAPPS site that states which file name goes with which version, and there are a LOT of file names. However, after searching through this post I was able to find another post that does help out a little with some of the cryptic files names.

    “CM9 needs gapps-ics… and CM10 needs gapps-jb-20121011… and CM10.1 needs gapps-jb-20130301 and CM10.2 needs gapps-jb-20130813 and CM7 needs a gapps-gb version.”

    Personally, I was trying to install the latest stable version (10.2.1) so I went with the jb-20130813. I also used the newest largest SD imgage file. Everything seems to work pretty well. The tablet is noticeably slower, but I am using a class-10 Adata card, so that may have something to do with it. Otherwise I have not really come across any problems over about a 3 hour span of messing with every setting I could find.

    1. Holy moly… I just realized that the Android version name is in the gapps file name, duh! So, jb is JelllyBean, and ics is IceCreamSandwich, gb is GingerBread. That makes more sense now, but at least that quote can help narrow down each sub-version within the named version.

      Thanks again for posting this, and for following up for years.

      1. Skier150: The gapps naming that they used back when I wrote this post was straightforward. They seem to have switched to this confusing naming now.

        The Nook Color hardware is ancient by now, so running a pretty recent Android on it is in itself a miracle. It definitely is not capable of being used for browsing or watching videos. But, it is great for reading ebooks, comics or saved articles using Pocket.

  64. hey so im doing this as we speak but i have a problem,after i did the whole writeing the sdcard.img it said my sd card only has 115 mb on it and i cant get the cm mod on it becuase i dont have enuff storage on it,im useing a 16gb…any advice?????

  65. It keeps showing cyanoboot universal bootloader and then blacking out and then popping up again? what do i do?

    1. Just in case anyone else gets this problem i solved it. You need to go find the cyanogenmod 10 and put that in instead of the 11.

  66. If you are going to follow this guide, make sure you download the correct files I followed this guide, with the img they provided while I used the 10.2.1 cm and 10.2.1 gapps

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