How to add a docset to Zeal

Zeal can add docsets shared by Dash automatically over the internet. You can do this using Edit > Options > Docsets > Download.

Sometimes, you may need a docset for a library that has not yet been added by Dash. Typically, you can find docsets created by others and shared on the internet. These can also be loaded into Zeal easily:

  1. Download the docset zip file. Unzip it to obtain a docset directory.

  2. Copy this directory to ~/local/share/zeal/docsets

  3. Restart Zeal. You should be able to see your docset loaded.

Tried with: Zeal 20140215 and Ubuntu 14.04

One response

  1. […] many folks on the internet have created docsets for most of such libraries. These can be loaded into Zeal […]

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